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Redefining Hospitality Standards

Licensed to Operate by the Commission of Postsecondary Education

The Commission on Postsecondary Education is the predominant licensing authority charged by the Nevada Legislature for the oversight of private postsecondary educational institutions operating in Nevada.
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F&B Skills We Exemplify!

Food & Beverage Knowledge
Steps & Points of Service
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RHI Benefits

Student Benefits

* Exciting Opportunity
RHI is the first food server academy that has been approved by the State of Nevada’s Commission on Postsecondary Education, to teach our original and effective curriculum

* Career Change/Growth
Whether you are looking for a new career, or would like to further develop your Food Server skill set and customer service skills, RHI will provide comprehensive 5 session educational/training program including, but not limited to: Hospitality; Food, Liquor, and Wine Knowledge; Sanitation and Health Regulations; Restaurant Etiquette; Proper Restaurant Service; Up-Selling; Physical Skills, including Wine Service and Public Speaking.

* Commitment
RHI will provide graduates with support to ensure each graduate is placed at a restaurant venue that is a perfect match for graduate and client alike.

Corporate Benefits

* Quick Turnaround Time
RHI provides qualified candidates in a timely and efficient manner and eliminates the stress of the hiring process.

* Reliability
RHI is dedicated to building a long term, mutually beneficial partnership by providing you exceptional service and the caliber of Food Server talent you desire to grow your business.

* Personalized approach
You can count on RHI to grow their candidate pool to tailor to your specific needs. RHI will have your ideal candidates immediately available for you when you need to fill a position.

* Eliminate Turnover
Learning about your specific venue, environment, and concept will allow RHI to identify your ideal candidate to ensure it is the right fit for both client and graduate and will eliminate turnover.

* Confidence
RHI graduates will have successfully completed an extensive hospitality educational program. Graduates who are hand-picked and placed at your facility have the necessary knowledge, skill set, and customer service background that will allow them to be an asset to your organization to contribute to revenue growth.

* Time Saver
Utilizing RHI’s resources will eliminate the grueling recruiting, interview, and selection process from your plate, so you may spend time focusing on business objectives and revenue generating activities.

* Flexibility
Opportunity to post your open positions on RHI’s website. RHI graduates will have exclusive access to review/apply for positions.