Management Training for
Restaurant Leadership

What Clients Are Saying About Us

I have had the pleasure of working with the Restaurant Hospitality Institute on several projects, both prior to the formation of their company and post. They bring a unique perspective to their clients. Collaboration & knowledgable work are the standards, with the ability to be flexible

Olivier Zardoni, CEO, Founder 34th Floor Hospitality

Having well trained team members that are willing to share our passion and dedication to guests experiences with subtle technics is the key to success, emotionally and financially. Thanks to the Restaurants Hospitality Institute and to Mark Steele in particular for his proactive and professional contribution, job well done!

Stéphane Franchini, Director of Specialty Restaurants MSC Cruises

Mark Steele has been an integral part in opening 6 businesses under our company's umbrella. Mark was instrumental in the hiring and training of multiple restaurant staff for our award winning restaurants. Mark understands the critical points in the Hospitality Industry that set businesses apart. While working with some of the world's largest casino resorts, Mark successfully developed, cultivated, and executed Hospitality at its finest inside our venues. Mark is a proven leader that has consistently executed his skill and ability to hire and train some of the country's best Hospitality employees. Mark is an asset to any hospitality organization, as his skill-set in the Industry has been proved at the highest level.

Jason Cooper, Managing Partner Scotty Browns Restaurant Group

Restaurant Hospitality Institute has been instrumental in the success of three venues under my domain. RHI understands our needs and creates customized training program. During all the stresses of a restaurant opening, it is a relief to know the staff is in good hands.
Our most recent opening has been showered with '5 star' reviews with many accolades relating to customer service. No doubt due to RHI's unique ability to relate to line level employees.

Antonio Nunez, Owner The Stove Restaurant

Corporate Client Benefits

☀ Quick Turnaround Time

RHI provides qualified candidates in a timely and efficient manner and eliminates the stress of the hiring process.

☀ Personalized approach

You can count on RHI to grow their candidate pool to tailor to your specific needs. RHI will have your ideal candidates immediately available for you when you need to fill a position.

☀ Reliability

RHI is dedicated to building a long term, mutually beneficial partnership by providing you exceptional service and the caliber of Food Server talent you desire to grow your business.

☀ Eliminate Turnover

Learning about your specific venue, environment, and concept will allow RHI to identify your ideal candidate to ensure it is the right fit for both client and graduate and will eliminate turnover.

☀ Confidence

RHI graduates will have successfully completed an extensive hospitality educational program. Graduates who are hand-picked and placed at your facility have the necessary knowledge, skill set, and customer service background that will allow them to be an asset to your organization to contribute to revenue growth.

☀ Time Saver

Utilizing RHI’s resources will eliminate the grueling recruiting, interview, and selection process from your plate, so you may spend time focusing on business objectives and revenue generating activities.

☀ Flexibility

Opportunity to post your open positions on RHI’s website. RHI graduates will have exclusive access to review/apply for positions.

Manager Training

Federal Compliance

Adherence to laws, regulations and specifications relevant to Federal employment guidelines

✔ Discrimination
✔ Harassment
✔ Retaliation
✔ Counseling & Documentation
restaurant manager leadership


Creating positive thinking in the restaurant environment while focusing on personal integrity and responsibility

✔ Human Resource Synopsis
✔ Interview Skills
✔ Leader vs. Boss
✔ Handling Guest Opportunities
✔ Role-playing
restaurant financials cogs


Understanding Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (G.A.A.P.) while protecting the investment and pushing for profits

✔ Financial Aptitude
✔ Revenue Generating
✔ Profit & Loss Statement
✔ Cost Understanding
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Food Knowledge

Menu Descriptions, Allergens Awareness, Carbohydrates and Proteins [Beef Cuts]

✔ Food Glossary
✔ Cuts of Meats
✔ Ethnic Cuisines
✔ Cheeses
✔ Mother Sauces
chris wessling food photography las vegas

Liquor Studies

Categories of Spirits, Distillation Processes, Bases and Mixtures, Garnishes and Classic Cocktails

✔ Education / History on Spirits
✔ Cocktails
✔ Tastings

Wines of the World

Wine Regions of the World, Grape Varietals, Fermentation Processes, Food Pairing, Opening Bottles and Proper Stemware

✔ Service
✔ History
✔ Glossary
✔ Varietals
✔ Tasting

Sanitation & Health Codes

Receiving & Handling, Proper Storage, Holding Temperatures and Cross-Contamination

✔ SNHD Regulations (Southern Nevada Health Department)
✔ Health and T.A.M. Cards
✔ Daily Check Lists and Inspections
✔ A Healthy Restaurant


Accommodating Special Request, Anticipatory Vision - Knowing a Guests' Needs In Advance, Creating the "Wow Factor"

✔ Rules of Hospitality
✔ What is Service
✔ Service Workshop
✔ Core Values

The Art of Service

Greeting Guests, Order Taking, Table Talk, Proper Serving Techniques, Table Maintenance and Clearing

✔ Service Standards
✔ Restaurant Etiquette
✔ Sequence of Service
✔ Attention to Detail
✔ Beverage Service
✔ Table Maintenance