Alcohol Awareness Card Training Classes

Las Vegas Alcohol Training Classes

Restaurant Hospitality Institute is approved to teach the alcohol training class required by Nevada Revised Statute 369, for anyone who sells, serves alcohol or works as a security officer.

What is an alcohol awareness card? (RHIAA Card)

Before you can work in Nevada as a food and beverage professional, you must obtain an Alcohol Awareness Card. An Alcohol Awareness Card is required for anyone who works as a hospitality professional or security guard where alcoholic beverages are served or sold. This also includes cashiers or stockers who may verify identifications to handle and sell alcohol.

What’s the difference between an
RHIAA Card and a “TAM Card®"?

Navigating the requirements and conflicting information in order to serve alcohol in the State of Nevada can be confusing and overwhelming. Both the RHIAA Card and “TAM Card®” meet standards required by law. Both have equal compliance creditability when applying for employment. However, only Restaurant Hospitality Institute is a full service approved educational academy approved by the Commission on Postsecondary Education. Definitely no other alcohol awareness cards offer our continuing education or all inclusive restaurant services and networks quite like RHI.
TAM Card® is a registered trade mark of Techniques of Alcohol Management®.

We have two easy methods to obtain required alchohol serving cards:


Classroom Training

Our classroom course includes same materials as online sessions. Our same instructors that are teaching all Restaurant Hospitality Institute real life programs are the same practical ones teaching the RHIAA. We offer this 2.5 hour class with much availability. Please click here to see schedule.


Online Training

Available online 24/7. You can get your RHIAA Card simply – complete the online course, visit our office during normal business hours to take a short final exam, take a picture and get your card immediately. This online course satisfies State of Nevada requirements for alcohol awareness training.

Our program includes the following topics as mandated by the Commission on Postsecondary Education:

alcohol awareness card las vegas
Applicable state and local laws concerning the selling and serving of alcoholic beverages:

Did you know you can be personally held liable for unlawful protocols? State of Nevada has similar laws, but different nuances than other states. Learn these laws and guidelines to keep you and your venue in compliance.

Effects of alcohol on the body:

Alcohol’s impact on your body starts from the moment you take your first sip. The human body is made up of multiple systems that work together and support each other. Just as a computer works because of the interconnections among its various parts—the processor, memory cards, and storage drive connectors, among others—your body’s systems work in a similar way. When an outside chemical such as alcohol is introduced into these multiple systems, it affects parts of these systems in different ways.

Methods of identifying intoxicated persons:

As a server and seller of alcohol, you’ll need to have the skill of knowing when someone’s drunk. This is because you can get into a lot of trouble if you sell to a person who is already intoxicated. Not everyone will show the same signs of intoxication, but it’s always good to know the most common signs to save yourself from a lot of trouble.

las vegas alcohol awareness classes
Methods of preventing and halting fights, acts of affray
and other disturbances of the peace

Never make assumptions. You're dealing with intoxicated people who have nothing better to do than act like jackasses. So be ready for everything. Even vomit.

Methods of preventing service to minors:

It is unlawful for any licensee or any person employed in a place of business which sells alcoholic liquor to sell, serve, give away or dispense alcoholic liquor to any minor. This is a critical topic, you will learn some guidelines for determining when and how to handle a someone under 21.

Methods of discontinuing the service of alcoholic beverages to persons who are identified as intoxicated:

Despite the care taken by the bartender or other servers, some guests will become intoxicated. Also, guests may arrive from other establishments already intoxicated. When this occurs, the establishment must refuse or cut-off service to such individuals. The bartender or server are the best judge of the need to cut-off service to an intoxicated guest.

Sample Test Questions:

What is the minimum blood alcohol content in the State of Nevada to be considered incapacitated to operate vehicle?
a) Eight Percent
b) .8 Percent
c) .08 Percent
d) All of of the above.
c) .08 percent
Serving alcohol to an intoxicated persons is:
a) Violation of federal law
b) Violation of state, county and city laws
c) Violation of Nevada gaming board regulations
d) All of the above
d) All of the above
True or False. Drinking coffee can reduce alcohol content.
a) True
b) False
b) False
If you find an ID to be false, what should you do:
a) Destroy it
b) Call police
c) Not accept it
d) All of the above
c) Not accept it
In Nevada, Minors can be served in restaurant by
a) Parents
b) Spouse
c) Server
d) None of the Above
d) None of the Above
When a vodka label states 80 proof, what is the alcohol percentage?
a) 20 Percent
b) .8 Percent
c) 80 Percent
d) 40 Percent
d) 40 Percent

The Online Alcohol Awareness Card Course offered by Restaurant Hospitality Institute Alcohol Awareness Training has been approved by the State of Nevada and meets all State requirements for distance education.