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Restaurant Restructuring Programs

Restructuring Programs

Restaurant Hospitality Institute is a Las Vegas based family business; we’ve watched this city grow and adapt for nearly 5 decades. RHI was created with the vision of educating our industry professionals - our dining community - so everyone can enjoy a best service experience.

With current uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its aftershock, there will be altered state protocols, new sanitation processes and unsettled public expectations. RHI welcomes these changes as we move into a new age and begin to redefine “contemporary” restaurant service.

Restaurant Hospitality Institute has developed COVID-19 relevant programs. We have built upon our existing RHI state approved curriculum, sanitation expertise and emerging trends into stream-lined mini-courses; succinct and efficient programs addressing your biggest COVID-19 concerns.

We look forward in assisting your team with these challenges as we move towards a new “normal”.

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Health & Sanitation, Customer Facing

There’s more to health and sanitation than the back-of-the-house. Our customer facing health and sanitation class, expands upon SNHD and ServSafe certifications. These required programs are necessarily focused towards back-of-house processes, as this is where your food is being prepared. However, front-of-house service activity is often overlooked in its role of cross-contamination. Seemingly simple side-work such as how often your menus are sanitized can turn your restaurant into a Covid hotspot. This 90 minute interactive course will dramatically improve your front of house staffs health and sanitation skills, by implementing systems and reinforcing habits that will limit Covid exposure.

This training is best for: owners and managers concerned about Covid safety in their restaurant.

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COVID-19 Hospitality and Guest Retention

Guest retention is opening a new chapter in the age of Covid. We know captivating and retaining guests should be the priority during all patron interactions. But what are your customers “hot buttons” in the age of Covid? What hospitable, effortless devices will keep your guests excited about your restaurant; returning and singing your praises to others? What will distinguish you – in their minds - from others? You will leave our two-hour class with a plan for your teams to own what is most important. “The best upsell made to your customer is their return business”

This training is best for: owners and managers concerned that hospitality and guest retention will take a backseat to Covid concerns.

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COVID-19 Delivery Service Standards

Deliveries and take-out orders are becoming a more important aspect of your business. And in the state of Nevada, delivery drivers are not required to have SNHD, ServeSafe or alcohol awareness cards. These employees are holding your reputation in their hand – and often holding and keeping your product longer than your on-premise team. What happens to your food or alcohol when handed-off to a mystery delivery service? This program keeps the integrity, safety and hospitality of your brand – and your peace of mind - from door to door.

Best for owners and managers seeing growth potential in their delivery and take-out revenue.

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