Custom Restaurant Staff Training Programs


Let us take all of your on-boarding off your hands!
At minimum, the average restaurant turns over 75% of team members annually. A cost of approximately $1,000 per employee! How would you like to break this vicious cycle?

Ask yourself:

  • What are your current training systems?
  • Is your company using the same printed manuals and tests that haven’t been updated in years?
  • Who knows what your team trainers are communicating to your new employees?
  • Wouldn’t your team be more engaged if watching custom videos?
  • How is their progress being tracked?
  • Are they interacting with guests before they are ready?
  • Would your current staff benefit from a refreshing of standards?
  • How much easier would it be to direct everyone to one voice of consistency?

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    Standardized Restaurant Training

    Not having a standardized employee training program can lead to inconsistent and unsatisfactory service levels (not to mention negative reviews on Google and Yelp). It is expensive too. Whether you have a lot of new hires, or long-time employees, everyone can benefit from a training refresh.
    bad restaurant reviews

    Let's avoid this from happening.

    Introducing Custom Video Trainings

    In addition to in-person training classes, RHI creates custom training videos that guarantees every employee receives the identical standards and protocols. We house these videos in our online portal that employees may access at anytime, anywhere to view…even on their cell phones. Accountable tests are issued after the course with results emailed directly to your team.

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    Offered Courses:

  • Hospitality 101
  • Sequence of Service Tailored to Your Company’s Approach
  • Menu Education
  • Compliance Videos
  • Company Culture Interviews with Principles and Employees
  • Industry Specific Education
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    Introduction Preview

    Steps of Service Course Preview

    Beer 101 Preview


    Sample Test Questions:

    A guest's first drink should be served within ________ minutes.
    a) One
    b) Two
    c) Three
    d) Four
    c) Three - Explanation: This increases the odds of a third drink by 60%
    Our first food check-in should be within _______ minutes, or _______ bites?
    a) One
    b) Two
    c) Three
    d) Whenever you have time
    b) Two - Explanation: If a guest is unhappy. Remove the plate immediately. Don't let it sit in front of them.
    Which country made the first barley beer?
    a) United States
    b) England
    c) Germany
    d) Iran
    d) Iran - Explanation: In the Zagros mountains of Iran, over 2,000 years ago.
    What is NOT a core ingredient of beer?
    a) Water
    b) Starch Source
    c) Malt
    d) Yeast
    e) Hops
    c) Malt - Explanation: Malt is produced from Starch Source in attempt to extract sugar from it.
    We can take a food, or drink order, by using our memory only if you are busy.
    a) True
    b) False
    b) False - Explanation: It is much cooler to get the order correct, rather than look cool by trying to remember the order. ALWAYS write it down or add into computer.
    What are methods to communicate with your guests without speaking?
    a) Clean uniform
    b) Smile
    c) Posture
    d) Eye Contact
    e) Pride in your job
    f) All of the above
    f) All of the above - Explanation: Communication experts estimate 90% of our communication with others is non-verbal. EVERYTHING we do is important and on stage for the guest to see.


    RHI's custom training tailored to our specific needs is amazing! It has helped streamline new hires by eliminating all the paperwork and now allows me to see live data via email when the staff completes one of the assigned courses. Getting new staff quickly up to speed with the current staff is essential in this fast paced business. Overall, the training has increased revenue, consistency, and overall guest return rate, which is always the end goal. Can't thank them enough!

    Josh Brown - General Manager, Big Dog's

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